Office Doors

Alpha Glass aluminum is one of the most outstanding manufacturers of office doors. Our service is available for customers all over Dubai. We not only manufacture doors but maintain and install them for the customer too. These days’ aluminum and glass doors are in demand due to several reasons. The main reason for their popularity is the value for money. Those who run a business know the value of money. All they do is try to save as much they can from anywhere. These doors for office give them this opportunity.

  • The maintenance cost for the doors is not much. Moreover, they operate pretty well.
  • The customization options person get here are huge. You can go with any color, size, shape, or design. With the help of advanced technology, we able to accomplish what you desire.
  • The best part is that aluminum and glass sync with each other pretty well. The aluminum frame can be fitted with multiple glass options.
  • The longevity of these doors is commendable. A little maintenance can allow them to perform well for years.
  • Both materials are recyclable. It is something that makes them even better.
  • These doors provide great insulation against sound and whether.
  • In case the doors get damaged, you don’t have to change them instantly. The aluminum frame doors can be repaired.
  • The doors provide great safety. They are burglar-resistant, fire-resistant, and even bullet-resistant.

Our mission

As we offer the service, our goal is one, do the best and bring a smile to customer’s face. For us, client satisfaction is the top priority, as we believe it is the only way to gain success. Customer testimonials give us the motivation to become better. Moreover, for us, no task is small or huge, so tell us your requirements without hesitation.

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